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Post#3 Inclusion

Our group interactive learning resource is delivered online.  Most of the material is pre-post online so that the learners can study on their own time. Some synchronous activities, such as breakout rooms, are formed to ensure learners understand the content better. Online courses could accommodate learners from everywhere with different backgrounds.  The courses contain reading materials and some video materials. Most videos generate auto subtitles, which ensure learners with bad hearing are able to learn the content smoothly. Different types of learning assessments and learning activities (formative and summative) are created in our interactive learning resource. Learners can try various assessments and activities, which helps them to find the most effective way.  

The first barrier is that the synchronous activities would not be accessible for learners in a different time zone. To overcome it, the recorded video can be posted for learners to review. The second barrier is that some of the video material does not generate subtitles, which is difficult for learners with hearing disability and whose first language is not English. To overcome it, the auto to text translation is provided.



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